Sometimes being a teenager is no fairytale…

It's tough being a teenager. But imagine if your parents are super famous iconic fairytale characters? Trying to live up to their expectations would make any teen’s life next to impossible! Especially if, like most kids, you've got your own ideas about what’s important in life — like our three heroes Trafalgar, Jeremiah and Fury!

Welcome to Fairytale Estates

Fairytale Estates is a fantastical world where people live in shoes and gingerbread houses. Their highest rated reality show is about three pigs and a wolf trying to make a go of it in a one-bedroom cottage. Despite the enchanted setting, Jeremiah, Trafalgar and Fury have typical teen problems with their family and school, only with a fairytale twist. And each one has a little something that sets them apart from the rest of the realm.





"Stand back! I feel a growth spurt coming on!"
Jeremiah the Giant is the son of THE Giant, as in “Jack and the Beanstalk.” Only Jeremiah’s not a full-size giant yet. In fact, he’s shorter than most kids in his grade. But that doesn't bother him. Jeremiah’s good attitude is unquenchable. Resourceful, upbeat and ready to charge into anything full speed ahead




Ep.101 Nice Giants Finish Last

After Evil Earl steals Jeremiah's date, he thinks its time to adpot a "bad boy" image to impress is schoomates.

Ep.102 Winged Fury

When it looks like Fury’s wings are coming in, the other fairies want to make her “one of them,” but Fury’s not sure she wants to be.

Ep.103 Stompalootza

Jeremiah has reached the special age for Giants to stomp their first village, but kind hearted Jeremiah is having trouble with the idea of stomping a perfectly nice village. Especially with the pressure from his traditional Giant Dad. So with the help of Fury and Trafalgar he comes up with the plan that will make everyone happy.

Ep.104 Lack of Hocus Pocus Focus

After helping Trafalgar study for a magic test, Jeremiah proves to have more magic aptitude than Trafalgar and is taken under wing by Merlin, much to Trafalgar’s dismay.

Ep.105 Triple Double

Jeremiah gets warts. But being a giant the warts manifest as new heads with different aspects of Jeremiah's personality. One head is suave and nice, but the other is rude and sarcastic causing Jeremiah to fall in with a bunch of trouble-making trolls.






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